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Product Development

A focused emphasis on product development helps us handle any product development, software development and engineering life cycles simultaneously. We provide services for all types of digital products right from their conceptualization, development services to their deployment. We cover the full span of any product development engineering.

The product development methodologies we follow along with the processes enable us to deliver high quality software. It also helps us reduce overheads and provide high visibility to our customers. The true business value we provide is through a strategic set up of proper software development deployed through a time-tested delivery model. The whole process is based upon our years of expertise to develop complex products with intuitive software technology solutions with Agile’s architecture blueprinting.

Our creative design teams focus on keeping the development scalable, adaptable to change, extensible maintainable and competitive. The architecture model provides the much needed flexibility and certainty to optimize any software development.

Product Life Cycle Management

Our product management services take the following route:

  • Timelines and scope help us to clarify the major details of the project with you to help us start.
  • Prototype creation that provides better understanding than just a written report. It helps us to visualise the product and provide better options.
  • Develop the product with the assigned technical architects who clean up the minute details. They clean up the prototype and translate all of the discussions to code and confirm the timelines to optimise the whole process.
  • Wireframing them helps bring the product to its final stage with artists. We make rough sketches on paper to chart out the flow of the application and usability - the first visual draft of the entire app.

Application Modernization

Our work does not stop once the product has been developed but continues via regular updations to various product features. We help you through such modernisations in minimal time while maintaining the sanctity of the codes and ensuring world class quality. We also help customise and innovate the existing digital product through our experienced staff and their services.

Our Agile development services usage provides valuable insights into enhancing the product as per the market. It helps provide a high level of navigability, efficiency and accessibility. The rest of the process then is taken over with Architecture Blueprinting supported by Agile by the design team to focus on such solutions that are extensible, scalable, adaptable to change, maintainable and would remain current and competitive in the near future.

This entire process in a nutshell is:

  • Product gap analysis and conceptualization
  • Conduct JAD Sessions with the end users
  • Document the current state and envisage future state of the product
  • Document creation for Use cases, System and Functional Requirements
  • Product usability engineering
  • Graphical user interface (GUI) design
  • Wireframe and prototype creation

Product Migration

A well-defined road map for the product will not remain just a dream with our timely help. With our advanced usage of Agile software development procedures, we help provide a transition of the product that has reached maturity in the product life cycle. We analyse each product as per its current stage and based upon its technical quality and business value to either migrate to a new technology or help you replace it with a new custom built product.

Our product migration services include but are not restricted to :
  • Product transition plans
  • Design, re-architecture or re-engineer services
  • Legacy modernization services
  • Develop sound migration strategies
  • Database, upgrades and Application and OS Migrations