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Data Science

Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (AI) have been in use extensively to support businesses automatically extract knowledge from various data sources. Artificial Intelligence in business will help you understand your customers better, personalize the customer experience, automate as well as improve your business processes.

In recent years data sciences have been applied to a variety of different sectors like retail, e-commerce, loyalty, finance (fin-tech), marketing (Ad-tech), healthcare, insurance, gaming and much more. Each of these industries have their niche fields of application from forecast, churn, cltv and recommendation engine to logo detection and text processing. Our data science consulting services can help you gather this knowledge as well as assist to apply these learnings that depend upon business conditions and data availability to boost your margins and set your organisation on the path to glory.

The best advantage of Data Science Consulting, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in business is its self-learning capabilities and scalability of operations by adapting to a plethora of business methods. SaaS applications provide the perfect ability to use algorithms to screen through thousands of customers while AI learning fundamentals provide a history of all users in your database. This opens up immense and amazing opportunities for your Marketplace, for instance you may use a recommendation system based on the preferences of each person to present them with the perfectly matching product that they require.

Data Science involves the use of advanced AI algorithms such as Random Forest, XGboost, Support Vector Machines (SVM) and more. For tasks like image or text processing, Deep Learning algorithms such as: Convolution Neural Networks, Recurential Neural Networks, etc. have been used by many organisations very successfully. Automatically choosing the most important features of these Data Science solutions helps us solve the most difficult challenges that your business faces on a daily basis.

Predictive Modelling

  • Customer lifetime value prediction
  • Churn prediction
  • Anomaly / Fraud detection
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Demand forecasting

NLP / Text Processing

  • Social media profiles analytics
  • Intelligent chat bots
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Documents categorisation
  • Neural Machine translation

Computer Vision

  • Object detection
  • Image and video processing
  • Content indexing
  • Scene segmentation
  • Face recognition
  • Visual search

Data Science Consulting

Converting business problem into a “Machine Learning problem” with Data Science consulting

We can help you determine that specific approach, solution and technology which fits your organization perfectly. At this stage, we prefer a mutual workshop that can help define the kind of business problem you face. We use the learnings from the workshop then to define the most ideal Data Science solution and AI algorithm that can improve your business performance while relieving you of the pain areas.

Collect and Integrate Data

If required, we can also help collect and integrate data from various sources like transactional databases, file systems, data from a cloud, flat files, etc. to build up your data warehouses or big data file systems. This one time exercise will help you to easily access and further manipulate different types of information to gain business acumen on your own or we can also assist you to define it further.

Transform and prepare data

We can help collect and integrate data that has been transformed during the loading process into a database system. This shall assist you to further prepare it for explorations to set up a proper Artificial Intelligence (AI) modelling environment.

Machine Learning Modelling

We help create and test algorithms that can be used to provide the final solution to developed AI algorithms. Such a system will organize and discover patterns in data and goes well beyond knowing what has happened to actually anticipate what is the most likely scenario to happen next for a system. We have experience of testing thousands of such models and can assist you to choose the best one for your particular business needs that provide the best accuracy and perfect results.


This step is optional but is a crucial one for many companies who need a way to display the insights from our AI models further to their other customers. We assist here by creating custom business intelligence dashboards that provide insights and historical data combined with perfect predictions at the click of a button. Such analytical dashboards can also be shared internally or externally.

Integration and Deployment

We integrate the saleable AI algorithms and dashboards with the back ends of your systems so that they are ready to be used on a large scale. We build the full application where you get the results in a user friendly manner with REST API backend integration.