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Our Agile based Project Management Consulting services have an impressive track record. They are held in awe by our clients with immaculate, effective and cost-efficient Project Management Services. Not only do our consulting teams have the expertise to mentor your personnel to adopt a more structured approach but also are ever ready to add some elbow grease to help drive any high-priority projects to their completion.

A customised and structured approach helps our Agile based consulting services to deliver for your organisation near-term successes on every project while moving your organization ahead in the right direction. All of our consulting employees are PMP® certified by the Project Management Institute (PMI)® and are adept at following the PMI guidelines perfectly. Depending upon your project we provide the perfectly matching group of consultants that are best suited as per the needs of the project and urgency levels as well as their level of experience and size as per your project requirements.

Senior Project Manager

Our Senior Consultants who oversee the project management consulting services lead some of the largest cross-functional project teams on challenging projects that facilitate:

  • Program charters that define scope and goals
  • High-level and detailed network-based schedules
  • Activity identifications, including durations, responsibilities and resources
  • The time-cost tradeoff process and the validation of schedules
  • Staffing analysis
  • Validation and compression of schedules
  • Establishment of:
    • governance procedures,
    • standard reports,
    • coding structures,
    • metrics and templates
  • Implementation of Project Offices

Project Consultant

Our Project Consultants lead cross-functional project teams on medium to small size projects related to various types of project management services. They regularly facilitate:

  • Program charters that define scopes and goals
  • Work Breakdown Structures that identify work phases, deliverables and activities
  • High-level and detailed network-based schedules
  • Activity identifications including durations, responsibilities and resources
  • Validation and compression of schedules
  • Generation of status memos for key stakeholders
  • Client instruction in the use of project management tools/methods

Project Coordinator

Our Project Coordinators work under the supervision of onsite Senior Consultants to:

Under our migration services we offer:
  • Generate reports to inform stakeholders of project status
  • Identify areas that need attention by the project manager
  • Enter data into the project management software
  • Update project files during the normal schedule of the update cycle
  • Update websites, shared drives and databases
  • Serve as an onsite expert in project management software tools